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Yorkie Poo Puppies For Sale Near Tampa, FL

Healthy Yorkie Poo Puppies Delivered in Tampa, Florida with Florida Fur Babies

In the heart of Tampa, Florida and dreaming of a pup that’s both spunky and sweet? You might just fall head over heels for our Yorkie Poo puppies. 

The Yorkie Poo is a delightful mix, bringing together the vibrant energy of the Yorkshire Terrier with the gentle charm of the Poodle. The result? A pup that’s as playful as it is affectionate. 

Here at Florida Fur Babies, each Yorkie Poo is given a start in life that's filled with love, joy, and lots of cuddles. Our team ensures they're nurtured in an environment that feels like home, showering them with attention and care. 

Whether you’re in a bustling city condo or a house with a spacious yard, Yorkie Poos fit right in. They’re dynamite in small packages, ready to play but also perfectly content to snuggle up on a chilly evening. 

For those actively searching for Yorkie Poo puppies in Tampa, Florida, Florida Fur Babies promises not just a furry companion, but also peace of mind. Our 10-year health guarantee stands as a testament to our confidence in the well-being and happiness of our pups. 

And if you're situated miles away, don't fret. We’ve got you covered with our exceptional nationwide delivery, ensuring your adorable Yorkie Poo arrives safely by your side. 

So, if you're all set to embrace a bundle of joy and energy, our Yorkie Poo puppies at Florida Fur Babies in Tampa, Florida are eagerly waiting to meet their new family! 

A few of our Yorkie Poo Pups

Yorkie Poo Breed Info

Yorkie Poo Breed Info

A cross between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Miniature or Toy Poodle, the Yorkie Poo is one of the cutest designer doodle dogs you’ll meet. This beauty is a top breed at Florida Fur Babies and one of the most popular dogs in the United States. The Yorkie Poo puppies are fun-loving, loyal, and spunky little dogs that impress at every step. They are easy to train, very outgoing, and as cuddly as can be. They are also one of our favorite hypoallergenic breeds that don’t shed.