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Yorkie Breed Information

brown yorkshire terrier wearing an outfit

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most loved small dog breeds in the United States. Their small size, adventurous nature, and fun-loving personality, make these puppies perfect family dogs. 
Yorkshire Terrier puppies are feisty, energetic, and fun-loving. They love games and cuddles and are responsive to their owners. Hypoallergenic Yorkshire Terrier puppies are also a great fit for owners with allergic sensitivities. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Purebred ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Determined TEMPERAMENT Courageous, Energetic, Independent, Playful ADULT WEIGHT 4-6 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 8-9 in LIFE SPAN 10-16 yrs


  • Active, defensive, and loving, the Yorkshire Terrier is an extraordinary watchdog 
  • Yorkie puppies are not difficult to train. They are known to be smart and quick learning understudies 
  • Playful and adventurers on a basic level, Yorkshire Terriers are superb sidekicks for adventure 
  • The Yorkshire Terriers have a long life expectancy with an average of 16 to 18 years 
  • The cute Yorkshire Terrier isn't only a great dog for companionship, they're also highly receptive, affectionate, and devoted which makes the breed perfect for therapy work 
  • The Yorkie is hypoallergenic and sheds less than other dogs 
  • Yorkies may be small in stature but they're mighty at heart and will be happy in any environment 
  • Teacup Yorkies are good for both dynamic and laid-back ways of life 
  • Sociable and outgoing, the Yorkshire Terrier is extraordinary with youngsters and family pets 
  • The miniature Yorkshire Terrier is a sweet, bright dog most ideal for families, singles, seniors, and first-time pet owners 
  • The Yorkie dog is ranked as one of the 10 most popular breeds by The American Kennel Club (AKC)
yorkie adult sitting on pavement


With a look that's both graciously elegant and proud, the Yorkshire Terriers are a fashionable and adorable choice for any pet parent. 
The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed of dog that falls under the toy breed category and is also known as Yorkie for short. They are often categorized as pocket dogs because of their small size, which typically ranges from 4 to 6 pounds and about 8 to 9 inches in height when fully grown. There are several varieties of Yorkies, including traditional, miniature, toy, teacup, and micro–Yorkshire Terriers. 
The Yorkshire Terrier is typically classified as a toy dog. However, the size of an adult Yorkie can be influenced by its breed type and sex. A female Yorkie is slightly smaller than a male Yorkshire Terrier and a teacup version of the breed is even smaller than its larger counterpart. The full-grown Teacup Yorkie is also slightly smaller than the standard Yorkshire Terrier. 
The Yorkshire terrier mix has a long, silky, and soft coat that's perfect for cuddling and playing. And if you're looking for a hypoallergenic puppy, the Yorkie fits that bill too. The Yorkshire Terrier’s golden tan hair is the result of breeding for the lighter shades, which will develop over time into the standard shade. Their coats have virtually no shedding and keep their skin free from allergens. 
The Yorkie has a distinctive, small, compact, and well-proportioned body. Their short muzzles are complemented by dark, sparkly eyes, and small pointy ears. The coat is silky-smooth, with very light shedding and hypoallergenic properties. Yorkie puppies are born with a darker shade of fur, but this will change as they mature into their lighter breed standard colors. 


Energetic, playful, and happy, the Yorkshire Terrier loves to play. In fact, he's extremely tenacious, so if you throw a ball, he'll bring it back to you again and again. The Yorkie may be small but that doesn't stop him from making big strides. If there's water around, he'll run around on the beach or in the pool and be the center of attention. 
The teacup Yorkie is a perfect addition to any family and is extremely popular among those who are looking for a small dog that has all the qualities of a larger dog. This feisty little pup will protect your family, children, and home with his fearless nature. 
The Yorkie dog is also strong enough to stop intruders and other threats, but tiny enough that most people have no problem bringing them along in their everyday grind. 
Yorkshire Terriers are tenacious explorers who love to check out their surroundings and who are always looking for a good time. Yorkie puppies are bold, have a resolute nature and have become quite the go-getters of the dog world. The Yorkshire Terrier's boldness and tenacity is what made it such an effective and true Terrier. 
Yorkie puppies are the perfect pets for people who appreciate a dog that can entertain itself while they're at work or out and about. The toy Yorkie is smart, playful, and independent. 
You can't go wrong with a Yorkshire Terrier. These playful little pups are extremely popular, and it's easy to see why. They're affectionate, loving, and aren't afraid to perform in front of a crowd. 


Yorkshire Terrier Grooming

The Yorkie is generally easy to groom. A daily brush keeps the fur free of tangles and mats, ensuring that the coat is clean, silky, and smooth. We recommend bathing the Yorkshire Terrier every 4 to 6 weeks, which helps keep their coats in great shape. 
When it comes to mini–Yorkshire Terriers, making sure that their eyes and ears are clean is an excellent start. Additionally, you should trim any excess fur or hair off their paws and body. Also, a great tip is to brush your Yorkie puppies' teeth at home every few days, rather than once every few months. 
Yorkshire Terriers are so trendy, they've been featured in tons of films and music videos lately. And their popularity has only grown over the past decade. There are many different Yorkie hairstyles, with names like Teddy Bear Yorkie haircuts and Yorkie puppy cut. No matter what your style or taste is, you're sure to find the perfect Yorkie cut for your pup. 

Yorkshire Terrier Exercise Needs

The cute Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect toy-sized dog with low exercise needs. This dog enjoys long walks, amateur dog sports, and adventures. A short walk or two of a combined 30 to 40 minutes each day is enough to keep your perfect pal healthy, fit, and happy.  

Yorkshire Terrier Health

As with all dog breeds, Yorkies can have certain health concerns. But, because of their small size, these conditions are often less common. Yorkshire Terriers are more prone to hypoglycemia and luxating patella. This means they need special care and regular check-ups. They also sometimes become overweight and develop liver shunts, which can be life threatening. 
If you want your Yorkie to live a long and healthy life, you'll need to be a responsible owner. This means providing an adequate diet for your dog and getting them plenty of exercise. Striking a good balance between these two factors is essential.  

Yorkshire Terrier Lifespan

Yorkshire Terriers have an average lifespan of around 16-18 years if you take care of them properly and provide a loving environment. The oldest living one is 28 and still going strong! 
To make sure your Yorkies live a long and happy life: 

  • Give them plenty of exercise
  • Exercise their brain by challenging them with puzzles or lessons
  • Stay on top of vet visits and checkups

Yorkshire Terrier Training

Yorkies are some of the smartest, most easy-going dogs out there. The miniature Yorkies are also widely known to be quick learners when it comes to training. Tn fact, they're often used for obedience and agility competitions. That's why you should give this dog a challenge every now and then. With a little bit of active playtime and training, your Yorkie will quickly be the best friend you ever had. 
The Yorkshire Terrier is uniquely equipped to make friends and build rapport with strangers. This dog breed makes an excellent choice for those who are looking for a companion that's easy to train, sociable with others, and fond of learning cute puppy tricks. 


The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie as it is more commonly known, has always been a dog of few words. One look at its compact size and perky ears and you know that this breed means business – yet there is something about the Yorkie that can melt even the hardest of hearts. Being one of the oldest toy breeds in existence, the Yorkie dog has seen its fair share of ups and downs. 
Yorkies originated in England, around the turn of the 19th century. These terriers were amongst a group of dogs that accompanied Scottish immigrants to Yorkshire in hopes of securing employment in local mines and mills. Quickly, it became obvious that these dogs were quite adept at ridding their surroundings of rodents. After that, they became extremely popular as pets. 
The Yorkie teacup dogs popularity grew in the mid-1800s when they were carried around in luxury bags or hidden away in hatboxes. This sudden increase in popularity allowed them to be known as a status symbol, as well as an accessory among the wealthy upper class. Shortly after this, in 1870, the Yorkie puppies made their way to America, where their popularity only grew. 
The Yorkshire Terrier has more than its fair share of accolades, including being the world's first therapy dog. While the cute little fella is best known for this award-winning achievement, there are a host of other reasons to love this pup. Little dogs with big attitudes are one of the most popular toy breeds in the world. And that's exactly why celebrities like President Richard Nixon and Audrey Hepburn own them. Natalie Portman also owns a Yorkie dog breed named Dizzy, who can often be found on her Instagram page. 
As Yorkie puppies have become increasingly popular throughout the decades, many breeders have taken to creating several crossbreeds that are Yorkie mixes. These include the Morkie, Yorkie Poo, Yorkie Chon, and the Shorkie.