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Cavachon Puppies For Sale Near Pembroke Pines, FL

Healthy Cavachon Puppies for Sale Delivered in Pembroke Pines, Florida with Florida Fur Babies

Looking for Cavachon puppies in Pembroke Pines, Florida? You found the right place! Florida Fur Babies has the cutest and most loving Cavachon puppies for your family. These puppies don't shed much and are great for people with allergies. 

Cavachon puppies are friendly, gentle, and always ready to play. They are perfect for families with kids or for people who never had a dog before. When you get a Cavachon from Florida Fur Babies, you get a happy and healthy puppy. Plus, we give you a 10-year health guarantee! 

Florida Fur Babies is different from other breeders because we really care about our puppies. We make sure they are healthy and happy. And we help you find a good breeder so you can trust that your puppy will be perfect for your family. 

Our 10-year health guarantee covers any health problems your puppy might have. That way, you can be sure your puppy will be healthy and happy. We also give you tips on how to take care of your Cavachon puppy and teach it good manners. 

A few of our Cavachon Pups

Cavachon Breed Info

Cavachon Breed Info

Having a Cavachon puppy around means having an endless supply of giggles and love in your home. Fluffy and happy, these fancy little fur babies will spoil you with affection and give you the best puppy cuddles you could wish for. Cavachons are brainy, sweet, playful, and quite passionate about being the center of your universe. Whether you’re looking for a fur-baby to call your own, a motivational “barker” to help you reinvent your life, or a little comedian to lift your spirits, the Cavachon puppy is excited to be yours just the same. The designer puppy Cavachon is a crossbreed of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise.