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Cavachon Breed Information

Cavachon Puppy

Having a Cavachon puppy around means having an endless supply of giggles and love in your home. Fluffy and happy, these fancy little fur babies will spoil you with affection and give you the best puppy cuddles you could wish for. Cavachons are brainy, sweet, playful, and quite passionate about being the center of your universe. Whether you’re looking for a fur-baby to call your own, a motivational “barker” to help you reinvent your life, or a little comedian to lift your spirits, the Cavachon puppy is excited to be yours just the same. The designer puppy Cavachon is a crossbreed of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Hybrid / Cavalier King Charles crossed with a Bichon Frise ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Affectionate, Friendly, Gentle, Loving, Playful, Sweet ADULT WEIGHT 10-20 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 12-13 in LIFE SPAN 10-17 yrs


  • With their keen intelligence and impressive learning skills, Cavachon puppies make training a smooth and enjoyable process 
  • Also known as a first-generation crossbreed, Cavachon puppies that are half Cavalier spaniel and half Bichon Frise benefit from hybrid vigor 
  • Cavachons are an excellent fit for families with children. These fur babies are gentle, patient, and as sweet as can be 
  • As their main concern is to be near their humans, Cavachon dogs adapt easily to any type of lifestyle as well as to any living situation 
  • Moderately energetic and driven to have fun, Cavachons make wonderful adventure companions 
  • The Cavachon is recognized as a hypoallergenic dog breed. With very little shedding, this dog makes a wonderful pet for allergy sufferers 
  • Other names the Cavachon is known for include Bichon King Charles and Cavalier Bichon 
  • Calm, adoring, and joyful, Cavachons are a good match for families, single folks, first-time dog owners, and retirees  
Cavachon Puppy


A beautiful dog in every way, the Cavachon will delight you with its cheerful disposition and adorable puppy-dog features. As a mix between two very gorgeous-looking dogs, the Cavachon was predestined to be a charmer. Petite stature, endearing puppy eyes, and a tail that wags like a helicopter blade, are this dog’s most adorable features.

Cavachons are small-sized designer dogs that grow up to 13 inches tall at the most and weigh an average of 10 to 20 pounds. The Cavachon size can vary quite a bit especially in smaller versions of the breed such as the Toy Cavachon and the Teacup Cavachon.

Although they are a mixed breed that is yet to have a defined and strict breed standard, there are certain features that are common in all Cavachon dogs. Among these features are large round-shaped eyes that are dark colored, a petite black nose, medium length ears that hang close to the face, and a long fluffy tail that is slightly curled. Their coats may have a straight to wavy or sometimes curly texture, and a medium to long length.

As a cross of two dissimilar-looking dogs, Cavachon colors and patterns will include those of the breeds that make up the designer dog. Common colors for the Cavachon include apricot, red, white, black, brown, sable, and tan.  


A darling companion pet, a calm fur baby, and a friend to all, the Cavachon has a great deal to offer its forever family. This precious dog is reliable around children and excellent with other pets, including cats. Being composed during any situation and not displaying signs of dominance or aggression, is a rare gift among dogs and a gift that Cavachons inherit from their Cavalier and Bichon parents.  

Loyal and very loving of their pet parents, Cavachons would glue themselves to their humans if they could. These adorable puppies crave to be next to their people at all times and are not at all fond of being without them. Leaving them alone might pose some issues as it does with most family-attached dogs. Cavachons are often prone to suffer from separation anxiety if they find themselves alone for too long. To avoid this, it’s best to start training them to be independent as early as possible.  

Like their Cavalier Spaniel and Bichon Frise parents, Cavachons are natural explorers at heart. They are passionate about going on trips and hikes to discover the world, and they crave social interactions. These fun-loving dogs are also fond of visiting dog parks, playing with their fellow fur friends, and playing a game of fetch with their owner. Evening cuddles on the couch and belly rubs are also among their favorite activities.  


Cavachon Grooming

Cavachons are low-shedding dogs with manageable coats. To keep their hair tangle free and away from matting, one or two brushings per week are recommended. Bathing them on a monthly basis is also recommended as they may gather dust and debris on their coats. It is beneficial to check and clean their ears regularly and clip their nails as they grow. Keeping up with dental hygiene is necessary with Cavachons as it is with most dogs. These lovely dogs should have their teeth cleaned frequently to avoid dental issues.  

Cavachon Exercise Needs

As a moderately active dog breed, Cavachons don’t have high exercise needs. They do best with a daily routine of one or two walks, and plenty of in-home exercise. Because they are passionate about exploring, meeting new people, playing dog games, and hiking through the world, it would be beneficial to take them on at least one fun outing every week.  

Cavachon Health

Sweet, happy, and in great shape, Cavachons enjoy a really good health record. As a half and half mix of two different dog breeds, Cavachons are not prone to the same health issues as their purebred parents are. Although generally healthy, these dogs can develop certain conditions such as cataracts, patellar luxation, dental issues, and allergies or skin rashes, all of which are common among dogs big and small.  

Cavachon Lifespan

The Cavachon lifespan is in average of 10 to 15 years. As it is with both big and small dogs, the Cavachon life expectancy can be increased provided that the dog is fed high-quality dog food and healthy home-cooked meals designed for dogs, is exercised as recommended, and is taken for regular vet checkups.  

Cavachon Training

Training a Cavachon puppy should be an easy-breezy task as these clever puppies are all about learning and impressing. They respond best to a gentle approach and reward-based motivation that includes delicious puppy treats and their favorite chew toys. Because these puppies are born with already excellent social skills, socializing them should come as a walk in the park. Their openness and friendliness will have them greeting strangers on their daily walks and making furry friends all the way home. It is recommended to provide them with a little help by introducing them to new situations, sounds, distractions, and other dogs along the way as they grow.  

As most owner-attached dogs, Cavachons may be prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long daily hours. These dogs do best in a household in which they are not alone often. If this situation cannot be avoided, it is best to start training the Cavachon puppy to be ok with some alone time. To do this, the best course of action is to leave the puppy alone for a few minutes at a time, multiple times a day, and gradually increase the time frame as the puppy becomes more comfortable and indifferent to being alone. 


Somewhat new to Dogdom, the cute Cavachon puppies have only been around for a little over 30 years and are yet to receive official breed recognition. They were first intentionally bred at the start of 1990 in North America, although they may have existed over time as a mix between Cavaliers and Bichons of a non-pure lineage. The designer breed Cavachon is a cross between a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a purebred Bichon Frise. C

hosen for their docile nature, fancy looks, and happy-go-lucky personalities, the Cavalier spaniel and Bichon Frise have gifted the world with their truly magnificent offspring. In the fur-baby world, Cavachons are considered the new pups on the block. Having very little history to learn from, we can take a quick look at their parent breeds in hopes of getting a better insight on what the new designer puppies are like.  

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a remarkable canine renowned for its agility, intelligence, and loyal nature, is an obvious choice for the Cavachon mix. Cavalier spaniels have flourished throughout time at the heart of royal courts, being especially adored by King Charles I (whom they were also named after). Always docile, sweet, and naturally obedient, Cavaliers have an excellent reputation as therapy dogs as well as a high popularity rank among dog lovers from every corner of the world. These beautiful pooches never fail to impress with their kindly nature and liveliness.  

The Bichon Frise, a white jewel of a dog, is another winning choice for the Cavachon mix. Apart from being a hypoallergenic breed and passing on that quality to the Cavachon puppy, the Bichon Frise has an abundance of desirable characteristics that every dog lover wants their fur-baby to possess. Bichons have shown us just how versatile and resilient they are through their rich history. From being a luxury among aristocratic families in the Canary Islands to becoming the favored companion pet of kings and queens; from almost going extinct due to the downfall of kingdoms to playing the role of circus dogs on the streets; and finally, from acting as fashion icons in Paris to becoming endeared fur-babies to dog lovers worldwide, these dogs have done it all.