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Shorkie Puppies For Sale Near Cape Coral, FL

Healthy Shorkie Puppies Delivered in Cape Coral, Florida with Florida Fur Babies

Ever dreamt of a furry friend that weaves the energy of the Yorkshire Terrier with the gentle soul of the Shih Tzu? Your dreams might just become reality with our delightful Shorkie puppies, particularly if you're in the vicinity of Cape Coral, Florida. 

The Shorkie, a charismatic blend of the lively Yorkie and the regal Shih Tzu, is a testament to the best of both breeds. With the zest and vivacity of the Yorkie seamlessly complementing the Shih Tzu's affectionate nature, Shorkies are pure joy on four legs. 

At Florida Fur Babies, our relationship with every Shorkie is painted with hues of love, care, and endless fun. From their innocent, inquisitive stares to their playful romps, we guarantee an upbringing that's full of cherished moments. Our dedicated team, ever passionate about these furry marvels, is committed to offering them a loving start in life. 

Shorkies, with their adaptable size and infectious enthusiasm, are fitting companions for a range of homes, be it a bustling city condo or a spacious suburban dwelling. Their spirited antics combined with moments of snuggly affection make them perfect companions for all age groups. 

When you choose a Shorkie from Florida Fur Babies, you're not just getting a pet; you're inviting into your life a bundle of joy that has been nurtured with unmatched care and love. Our unwavering 10-year health guarantee stands as a testament to our confidence in their health and vitality. 

Distance is no obstacle for love. With our top-notch nationwide delivery, your Shorkie, with its bouncy steps and soulful eyes, will soon be right by your side, ready to sprinkle joy into your days. 

Embark on your Florida Fur Babies journey, where our Shorkies, with their blend of spirit and tenderness, eagerly await a lifelong bond with you. Ready for heartwarming adventures together? 

Shorkie Breed Info

Shorkie Breed Info

Shorkies are stunning little designer puppies that you can’t help but adore. They are a crossbreed of a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier. Although they haven’t been around for long, they are currently the most loved puppies in the United States. Shorkies are just as much fans of cuddles as they are of adventures. They love their humans unconditionally and get on well with every dog and pet they meet. They are also great with children and fantastic companion pets for seniors. Find Shorkie puppies for sale at Florida Fur Babies.