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Havapoo Puppies For Sale Near Cape Coral, FL

Healthy Havapoo Puppies Delivered in Cape Coral, Florida with Florida Fur Babies

Seeking a companion that’s both spirited and affectionate, with a dash of elegance? Dive into the world of Havapoos at Florida Fur Babies! From the heart of Cape Coral, Florida to distant horizons, we promise a furry friend that’ll capture your heart instantly. 

For those new to the breed, a quick intro: What exactly is a Havapoo? Picture the delicate charm of a Havanese interwoven with the curly grace of a Poodle. The end result? The mesmerizing Havapoo! 

Every Havapoo at Florida Fur Babies is more than just a pet — they’re a cherished part of our ever-growing family. They flourish amidst our care, playful moments, and an environment that echoes with laughter and love. Our team, fueled by an undying passion for canines, ensures that each Havapoo puppy embarks on life’s journey with boundless joy and vitality. 

Havapoos are truly a delightful bundle of contrasts. Their playful exuberance is perfectly balanced by moments of cuddly serenity. Their hypoallergenic coat is a boon for those with allergies, and their adaptable size means they’re comfortable in bustling city lofts as well as sprawling country backyards. 

Florida Fur Babies's dedication to excellence shines brightly when it comes to the health and well-being of our puppies. Seeking a Havapoo in Cape Coral, Florida? Know that with us, you're embracing a companion whose health and joy have been our foremost priority. So confident are we in their thriving vitality that we offer a robust 10-year health guarantee on every pup. 

Location is no barrier to love. Our nationwide delivery service ensures that no matter where you are, your Havapoo is just a heartbeat away. 

Venture into the enchanting realm of Florida Fur Babies and be greeted by the sparkling eyes and wagging tails of our Havapoos. They're excitedly waiting, ready to embark on life’s adventures by your side. Are you ready? 

A few of our Havapoo Pups

Havapoo Breed Info

Havapoo Breed Info

The cute Havapoo puppies are a sweet blend of darling looks, liveliness, and grace. They were made for companionship and that is what they enjoy most. Whether you’re a single owner or a family of 6, the Havapoo puppies will fit right in. These fur babies like to play games, go on fun hiking trips, and relax on the couch with their people. Havapoo puppies are a beautiful  doodle breed mix of a purebred Mini or Toy Poodle and a purebred Havanese dog. They are the embodiment of Poodle intelligence and Havanese merriness.