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Maltipom Puppies For Sale Near Pembroke Pines, FL

Healthy Maltipom Puppies Delivered in Pembroke Pines, Florida with Florida Fur Babies

Looking for a furry friend that's both sweet and lively? Our Maltipom puppies might be just what you've been searching for, especially if you're around Pembroke Pines, Florida. 

Maltipoms mix the best of both worlds. They come from the Maltese, known for its gentle and loving nature, and the Pomeranian, celebrated for its lively and bubbly personality. Together, they create a pup that's both playful and cuddly. 

At Florida Fur Babies, every Maltipom is special to us. We make sure they grow up happy, healthy, and loved. Our team is passionate about these little guys, so we always give them the best care. 

These puppies fit right into any home, big or small. They love playing and running around, but they're just as happy to curl up on the couch for some snuggle time. They're a great fit for families, singles, and even seniors. 

With Florida Fur Babies, you're not just getting a Maltipom. You're getting a promise. We offer a 10-year health guarantee for every puppy, showing how much we believe in their health and happiness. 

And if you're not close to us? No worries. We deliver all across the country, making sure your new pup reaches you safely. 

So, if you're thinking of getting a new four-legged friend, check out our Maltipom puppies at Florida Fur Babies. They can't wait to meet you! 

Maltipom Breed Info

Maltipom Breed Info

They are a designer crossbreed between a Maltese and a Pomeranian. A Maltipom has a gentle and sweet nature and will always be people-pleasing. They crave attention and love to learn and socialize with their owners. These fun-loving pooches excel at games of hide and seek, tug-of-war, and fetch. They shed very little and are hypoallergenic. This makes them a great option for people with allergies.