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Yorkie Chon Breed Information

cute yorkie chon

A designer crossbreed of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Bichon Frise, the Yorkie Chon puppy is the embodiment of cute looks and puppy joy. Yorkie Chon puppies are a beautiful blend of everything Bichons and Yorkies have to offer. They are playful, loving, smart, and very sociable. Training them is often effortless as they inherit the brilliant minds and good temperaments of their parents. Yorkie Chon puppies are a wonderful match for any type of owner. They thrive in both active and relaxed lifestyles and are among the sweetest companion pets one could wish for.

BREED TYPE / MIX Hybrid / Yorkshire Terrier crossed with a Bichon Frise ENERGY Moderatae SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Determined TEMPERAMENT Active, Playful, Intelligent, Loyal ADULT WEIGHT 6 - 8 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 9 - 12 in LIFE SPAN 10-12 yrs


  • Yorkie Chon puppies are a designer crossbreed of a purebred Yorkshire Terrier crossed with a purebred Bichon Frise 
  • Hypoallergenic Yorkie Chons are a great fit for allergy suffering owners 
  • Yorkie Chon hybrid vigor ensures better health and less predisposition to certain conditions that are common in the parent breeds 
  • Friendly and very fond of playdates, Yorkie Chon dogs make fast friends with other dogs and household pets 
  • Given their calm demeanor and attentive nature, Yorkie Chon puppies can be trained as emotional assistance dogs 
  • Yorkie Chon puppies are bright and very responsive to training 
  • Non-aggressive and playful, Yorkie Chons are an excellent choice for families that have children 
  • Yorkie Chon temperament is sweet, making these pets wonderful companions for senior families 
yorkie chon tan and gray


Yorkie Chon dogs are a new breed of designer dog that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and Canada. They are a crossbreed between the Yorkshire terrier and Bichon Frise, which means that they have a small body with an athletic build and distinctive facial features. Their medium length, glossy fur can come in many colors but typically ranges from brown to black with the occasional white. Yorkie Chons have a very petite stature, much like their Yorkshire terrier parent. They typically grow 9 to 12 inches tall and weigh an average of 6 to 8 pounds when fully grown. The Yorkie Chon's distinct features include a slightly rounded snout and well-proportioned body that makes them attractive looking. The Yorkie Chon eyes are large and expressive, giving the dog an intelligent appearance. Their ears are small and triangular and can be raised or dropped near the face. The Yorkie Chon tail is set high and is mostly carried curled above the back. The coat of an adult Yorkie Chon is short and smooth with hair that is soft, feels velvety, and is straight, wavy, or curly. 


Yorkie Chons are the perfect lap dogs. They are sweet, playful, and have the energy of a much bigger dog. They can be great family pets and make an excellent addition to any home and lifestyle. Yorkie Chons are a type of dog that is very outgoing and friendly. They are very affectionate, but can also be independent, as they will often go off to explore on their own. They can be great for children and adults alike as they are intelligent, easy to train, and require little exercise.

Yorkie Chon dogs are always joyful and fun to be around. They have a fun-loving spirit, a natural curiosity and well-balanced, calm temperament. They're always on the go, eager to explore the world with their loving owners. Spunkiness is in their genes thanks to their terrier parent, and they get their funny antics and performing talents from their Bichon parent. 


Yorkie Chon Grooming

A Yorkie Chon is a gorgeous, small breed of dog that has low-to-moderate grooming needs. They are known for their friendly, gentle nature and stunning coats. These dogs do not shed very much so they are a great choice for people with allergies. And keeping up with their beautiful appearance requires little effort from their owners. Typically, Yorkie Chons need to be brushed a few times per week, and bathed every 4 to six weeks. Brushing them is an important grooming step that should not be ignored. Brushing is not only beneficial in removing mats or hair tangles, but it also helps stimulate the dog’s skin and spread natural oils throughout the coat.

Another step that is important in Yorkie Chon grooming involves checking and cleaning their ears frequently. Like most dogs, Yorkie Chons can be prone to ear infections and require more attention. Their nails should also be trimmed if they grow long enough that they make sounds on the floor as they step, and their teeth should be brushed as often as possible. 

Yorkie Chon Exercise Needs

Yorkie Chons are energetic dogs that love a good romp around the dog park. They enjoy interacting and playing with other dogs and are very fond of playing any canine game that comes their way. The exercise needs of a Yorkie Chon aren’t high, but rather moderate. These lively dogs require a few daily walks to be happy and to remain in shape. Ideally, they should be walked for half an hour each day and given plenty of opportunity to participate in active games.  

Yorkie Chon Health

Yorkie Chons are a healthy and long-lived dog breed with a lot of personality. They are healthier than their purebred Yorkie and Bichon parents thanks to a condition called hybrid vigor. This condition ensures that they are less prone to the problems their parents may face when it comes to health. However, some of the problems that these dogs can inherit are not unique to them, but rather they share similar conditions with most small dog breeds as well. These sometimes include skin allergies, hypothyroidism, a predisposition to ear infections, and joint displacement issues such as elbow or hip dysplasia. Although none of these problems are life-threatening, it is recommended to schedule frequent vet-checks that can help identify and treat them quickly. 

Yorkie Chon Lifespan

Yorkie Chon dogs have a lifespan that is significantly longer than most other breeds of dog. They typically live between 12 to 15 years and are healthier than other breeds due to the fact that they benefit from hybrid vigor. Although their lifespan is officially between 12 and 15 years, there have been many Yorkie Chons that lived as much as 18 years. Their parents are also long-lived breeds, with the Yorkshire terrier reaching as much as 28 years in some cases. 

Yorkie Chon Training

Yorkie Chons are one of the most intelligent dogs in the world and have a reputation for being highly trainable. They are known for their people pleasing personalities and affectionate behavior towards their humans. Training them as puppies is easy, since their main concern is pleasing their pet parents by any means. These cute designer puppies respond well to training methods that are gentle and that include plenty of rewards for good behavior. This breed is a bit more stubborn than other dogs and they have been known to be difficult to train at times. They are capable of learning quickly but require plenty of patience and consistency from their trainers.  

Yorkie Chon puppies are often praised and rewarded with toys, petting and treats. However, some puppies respond better to other rewards such as fruit treats, or a game of tug. It is very important to identify what your Yorkie Chon puppies love most in terms of rewards. Knowing what they respond best to will help make the training process smooth and enjoyable for both of you. 


The Yorkie Chon is a modern hybrid breed that is very young in comparison to the history of its parent breeds. It originated in the United States at the turn of the 20th century and has since become one of the most popular pets in the country. We can learn more about this new and amazing breed by looking into why the Yorkie and the Bichon Frise were chosen for the mix.  

Yorkies are the perfect companions for any age, family, and lifestyle. They are friendly, energetic and playful with a great sense of loyalty. Yorkies offer a unique blend of intelligence, beauty and personality. They also have an adorable stature and a fantastically colored coat that charms on sight. Apart from their beautiful appearance and spunky personality, Yorkies are also one of the best dog breeds for allergy sufferers. They don’t shed and they have among the best hypoallergenic qualities among dogs. 

The Bichon Frise is a fluffy, curly-coated, white dog with a round head and big, expressive eyes. The breed has been a favorite of artists and royalty throughout history because of its gorgeous appearance and sweet nature. The Bichon is believed to be an ancient breed that was popular in France during the 19th century. Bichons are very popular in today's society. They often play the role of emotional support dogs and are the perfect little companions for any type of family. The Bichon Frise is a dog breed that was originally bred for royal use, but over time, became a show dog as well. These dogs became so popular in the world of show dogs that they were eventually imported to the United States where they have thrived ever since. Their best qualities include high intelligence, fluffy looks, and the cuddliest personality.