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May 1, 2020, 8:50 AM
Q: My 12 week old puppy had a set back the 4th night in the crate. She started crying at 6:00am so I wanted to let her cry without responding as we have been doing since beginning crate train. It was obvious she wasn't going to stop. It ended up she had pooped on the loft. She had also pooped and peed on the pad overnight. Not sure how to avoid her pooping on loft. Additionally, it's very difficult to clean the loft. I cleaned it still attached (not very successfully) since I found it very difficult to attach it inside the crate to begin with. Need tip on how to avoid pooping on loft and also how to clean loft. Thank you.
A: The loft is designed to be washable but it is much easier when it is removed. It is easier to remove and install if you undo the clips that connect a side of the crate to the end panel first. There are two things you can try to avoid elimination on the loft. Moving the loft to the opposite end of the crate and/or adding a fluffy bed to the loft.