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Dealing with Tantrums

October 15, 2018, 10:59 AM
Q: We have had our pomsky puppy for about 3 full days. She is still a picky eater (eating 1/4 of the recommended hard kibble/soft food mix), we are supplementing with baby food/karo, but otherwise high energy and in good spirits. She refuses to go to the bathroom outside, but has responded well to the pads, often seeking them in the middle of playtime to eliminate - very few accidents thus far. She has adapted well to her crate (for sleeping), but does not like to be inside of it during the day - long crying/howling/tantrum sessions if closed in. Similar tantrums (ripping/chewing pee pads) if we are not playing with her while she is outside of the crate in her large restricted area. My questions: - How long is too long to keep her (crying) in the crate to train her that it is ok be alone (we don't want to undo progress). -What to do about the tantrums/ripping of pads when she wants attention? (eventually we are planning to fully housetrain, but will take the success of the pads over removing them for accidents) *we live in an apartment so the time to get outside is increased. Any advice helps...
A: The answer is the same for both questions-ignore her. You cannot respond or go back when she is acting up or crying or you will be encouraging the behavior.