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Pad Training

February 12, 2018, 12:44 AM
Q: I’ve been crate training my 11 week Teddy Bear for 2 weeks now. She hates the crate. But, when I am home I leave the door open and I have a wee wee pad outside the crate. She has gotten good at identifying where the wee wee pad is at (with a few accidents) and using it when she needs to pee. However, she is not consistent in using the wee wee pad when she needs to poop. Many times she poops somewhere else where she is not supposed to. How can I get her to pee AND poo on the wee wee pad?
A: She cannot have the choice as to whether to pee and poop on the pad until she gets it right for at least 2 weeks, sounds like you have expanded her available area to quickly.