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Training Using The Palace

April 1, 2015, 10:17 AM
Q: For Phase 1 on the Puppeepoo Palace, did you mean if we played with him for a few minutes then he is back in the palace? or can we also make him run around the exercise play pen when we dont play with him? I am afraid he might become more agitated secluded most of the day in the Palace for 2 weeks. Since we leave him for the whole night in the palace. We do try to get him to walk outside for 10 minutes every hour as instructed. Please let me know. Thank you
A: The idea behind Phase 1 training is not about the total time in the Palace it is about creating the opportunity for praise. Your puppy needs to learn first that is okay to eliminate in the palace. If you start off by allowing more space the chances that he eliminates in an inappropriate area increase, an your opportunity for positive reinforcement is lost. As you learn his pattern his space can expand, not before.