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Doesn’t get pad training

December 11, 2017, 3:07 PM
Q: My Morkie who is 15 weeks old and new to my home whines in his Puppy Palace during the night and destroyed the Puppy Pad inside the palace so I replaced it with an old towel. She doesn't want to go on the puppy pads even out in my main room, she goes on my carpet right beside the puppy pads (not getting it yet). Any suggestions how to introduce her to puppy pads?
A: Pad training is more difficult than outdoor training. It requires more patience, consistency and takes longer but if you have been attempting it for a month or longer she should be well on the way to understanding and compliance. Watch the video “Training With the PupPeePooPalace” and you must follow it to the letter. It sounds like you are combining or even skipping steps.