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Pad training with outdoor training

April 26, 2017, 1:32 PM
Q: Hi, my puppy is cavapoo and she is 11 weeks old. After 2nd round of vaccines, we started taking her outside for her potty train and we take her out 3 times a day (right after we wake up, after lunch, and after we come back from work). We put her in the play pen while we're at work and we leave pee pad inside the play pen and she would eliminate on the pee pad while she's inside the pen. Also, When we take her out, she is usually good about doing her potty outside. However, she would eliminate anywhere multiple times when she's home even though there are pee pads around the house. Even after we went out and she peed outside, she came back and peed specific area 4-5 more times. I understand she cannot hold long and there will be times that she would have to eliminate inside the house, but how would you train her so that it's okay to eliminate outside as well as on the pee pads inside the house? FYI, we tried to put some treats on the pee pads inside the house so that she's comfortable on the pee pads and we've given her treats when she eliminates on the pads as well. Thanks! Michael
A: Even though you are not using the PupPeePooPalace you should watch the video "training with the PupPeePooPalace" and mimic the three phases of traing. She has to be confined to the pad space to get the idea started.