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Feeding schedule to help potty training

May 5, 2014, 11:57 AM
Q: Cont.. My puppy is already 12 wks of age. I notice that she has a lot of control over her bladder. I do keep her in the kennel when she is not engaged with us. My long term goal is indoor training. So should I keep feeding on a schedule or more free eating. I just don't want to do the confusing thing but she will not poop in the palace at all. After three days of having she just won't the breeder told me that she will if it is bad weather outside. I am just trying to make sure I am doing it right.
A: Scheduled feelings are better during training. Also it lets you keep up with her appetite and quantity consumed. Try to see how long it is after eating when she usually poops and. Have her near the pad then. I think adding a pen would help you also.