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Using an exercise pen

February 22, 2016, 4:58 PM
Q: So I added the playpen as you advised and she pee 'd and pooped on the floor. What should I do now? She has spent most of her time in the palace for a full month. She is 12wks old now. She has been with me since she was 7wks old and I had my pup pee poo palace upon her arrival. She is disciplined every time she pees on the floor by a spanking with news paper. When ever I see her pee or poop in the palace she is rewarded with praise and a treat. I never skipped phase 2 I just never made it there because she was still having accidents during play time. And she was only let out to play for short periods of time and never left unsupervised. I need help. What am I doing wrong? Should I leave her in phase 1 longer? And if so, how long till I try the playpen again?
A: The excessive pen needs to be very small at first. This is accomplished by only utilizing 3-4 panels. Another option would be to add a second pad and tray to the pen. Still keeping her in the Palace the majority of the time along with the use of a small exercise area should help.