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How Fast to Increase Space

February 8, 2016, 11:10 AM
Q: Good morning Dr., As you suggested, I built out a small play area for my puppy outside his pup pee poo palace. Initially, he went inside to pee in his palace but later popped in the play area. I disciplined him as I would if he had did it somewhere else in the house. It seemed that he understood because the remainder of the weekend he went inside (YAY). My question is, how often should we increase the space? I'm assuming it would be a gradual process as we monitor his reactions. Also, if we build it out further, then he has an accident, do we go back to a smaller space?
A: Congratulations, it is nice to hear you talking about success in your training venture. I would plan for somewhere around 10-14 days for each level of space. Remember that he is learning to use the space properly, there will be setbacks and it takes repetition before he demonstrates that he "gets it" all the time. He must stay at the same amount of space until he masters it, then you can slowly increase with the eventual goal being that he returns to the pad/tray or palace from anywhere in yoor home.