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When to Start Toothbrushing?

March 31, 2015, 6:48 PM
Q: How young is too young to start brushing my little yorkies teeth ? I have used gauze and chicken flavored pet toothpaste in the past to clean and massage my older yorkies gums and teeth. It seems less invasive to them than a pet toothbrush. I want to get her used to it as quickly as possible, but not earlier than advised. She is 9 weeks old. Hope this is not a foolish question.
A: Keep in mind that all of her current teeth will be replaced in the next 4 months so cleaning efforts may not be necessary. But, getting her used to the process is easier the sooner you start. For teeth cleaning to be truly beneficial I believe it should be at least every other day. Obviuosly daily would be ideal and less than twice a week is of questionable value.