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Are Flea and Tick Treatments Okay for my Puppy?

August 15, 2013, 9:12 PM
Q: My puppy is 13 weeks old and she weighs 4.5 pounds. Is it okay to treat her for ticks and fleas. We are going camping this weekend and she will be outdoors with us.
A: Yes, your puppy is old enough for most if not all topical flea and tick preparations. While there are many good products available if you feel that ticks are a significant threat I personally still favor Frontline by Merial. There are some products from other manufacturers that are the same in terms of active ingredient and concentration. Be sure to compare labels closely and let me know if you have specific questions. Also, with these products it is not recommended to bathe the dog 2 days before or after application so if you are camping keep this in mind. Please take a look at the video "Prevention of External Parasites"