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Changing Puppy Food

January 24, 2019, 10:27 AM
Q: What is the best puppy food to feed a cockapoo? I have a 9 week old puppy that is eating the Royal Canin mother/ puppy food that is recommended until 8 weeks. When is the right time to start transitioning them?
A: You can start by mixing in the new food with the old food and make the switch over several days. If all has been okay I would stick with the same brand of food. Here is a list of some alternatives you could consider: Natures recipe c d Iams woof soft Iams Eukanuba small bites d Royal Canin c d Pro plan savory soft Hills ideal balance c d Castor pollux organically Simply nourish c d Wellness c d Bil jac frozen c-can d-dry kibble