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Switching Foods

March 10, 2014, 7:52 AM
Q: I switched my 10 week old bichon's food from puddy chow that the breeder was using to Nutro Ultra but after visiting a local pet store they recommended Canine Cavier which we tried and he seem to like it at first but now he won't touch it. Should I switch back to the Ultra or wait to see if he will start eating the Canine Cavier?
A: I assume that he feels good and is active since you did not say otherwise. Both the Ultra and Caviar are higher digestibility foods than puppy chow. It is not a good idea to jump from one food to another at the first sign your puppy is dissatisfied or it can become a repetitive process. Once you have made a food change I would suggest sticking to it for several weeks if it does not cause any problems.