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July 7, 2021, 8:57 AM
Q: We have had a family tragedy and left state for 3 weeks and took out pup with us, he was great on the ride and like going places. However the family we visited had a dog which they started to get along better but it was always a growl here bark there if our Taz whom is a very playful energetic pup in multiple spurts and he's well also a puppy in this dogs home who isn't very social with many ppl and dislikes other animals. So during our stay we would play outside often as possible considering. It was a very hot and sticky place but the entire start was fine it was the afterwards... Now 5 days after reaching home the diarrhea starts off just looking like some not too bad sightly softer usual, the 2nd day after that we administered the Pepto which was Sunday, now it's Wednesday and it's gotten so bad inn the last 24-36 hours that is like water... He goes every 2-4 hours even waking up to go. I haven't slept in 2 days because he's not in pain at all just a lil less active than usual we still play, we go for walks, even had forced me to jog the field behind my house after walking to the end of the street. Now we haven't seemed to figure out the cause but we have a theory.. For some strange and odd reason he likes to pick up and eat cat poop and rabbit turds specifically, he likes to chase bugs and has eaten a couple bees I was told... So anyways we was in another state and behind my family's house was a little areas we'd take him so as to not upset the house's/family dog. About 2-3 days before leaving he got ahold of not quite a baseball but definitely bigger than a golfball sized pile and as I yanked the leash he had already acquired it, I tugged willing to grab it with my hands as to teach him I don't like that at all and he swallowed it whole and it is upsetting and didn't acknowledge him for 2 days simply because it's disgusting and next to the family house is w where a lot of stray cats are.. So far he has eaten since 8 weeks old a dried up toad, worms both live after rains and dried up after sun baking, 2 bees, dozens of ants/bugs, 1 now 2 piles of rabbit turds as of yesterday he's still spunky and I obliged him after our walk he wanted to run and play which lasted only about 10 minutes before losing his play time.. Anyways on with the story, now I'm not sure if he maybe caught a parasite from these actions but it's bad I've tried spraying his mouth with bitter apple spray, he is not phased, I have ignored him, put him in the cage, never laid a hand on him but I know last night I almost went and bought a shock collar because after seeing how he's been I don't want him to die, I won't whip him, I don't scream only be authortive and I'm at a loss for both the diarrhea and as a CKCS I want him to not only understand his past fines are dangerous and otherwise he's a little hard headed but a very affectionate, loving dog and I'm at a loss now as with some family troubles that took us a month and he wasn't able to play or learn as much as I have been originally, I haven't neglected him by any means but with a dying grandmother I did the best I could. What should I do, I'm taking him to a vet today to hopefully get a best guess until labs... But as to his antics with fecal matter, bugs yes even a spider I was lucky enough to catch him 1st, dead reptiles... What's next! I want to keep him safe! What's the next step?
A: Is there a convenient time and number to reach you so I can help?