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Feeding My 9 Week Old Morkie

July 16, 2012, 9:29 AM
Q: Just brought home my puppy and have a few questions regarding feeding, sleeping and crate training... 1. I am planning to feed him 4x/day to start and am giving him rotisserie chicken per instructions I was given. How much at each feeding should I give him? Should I put it in his dry food bowl or serve it separately? Also, should dry food be moistened with water or just left dry? I want to eventually move to all dry food and to be able to leave it out all day for dog. 2. It it necessary to wake up the puppy during the night for his feeding? Puppy was sleeping soundly but I woke him up after 4 hours because of what I read. He peed and ate but now won't go back in to crate and sleep. Prior to bedtime, he ate well and had a solid stool. 3. When going in to crate at bedtime, how long is it okay to let puppy cry, knowing he doesn't need a restroom break?
A: 1. Feeding 4 times during the day is a pretty good plan. With a brand new puppy I would try to offer food at least each couple hours whenever possible during the first few days. Once you are past the transition period then easing toward the 4 times daily would be ok. Volume of consumption will vary with activity level, time of day and elimination just like it does with us. Allow him to eat for about 5 minutes, for this size puppy each meal will probably be about 2-3 tablespoons. If your goal is to use dry food then go ahead and leave it that way without adding other foods or water, if he won't eat it dry then add a little canned food. The chicken should be used to guarantee intake of some food, if the puppy is eating canned or dry food well then the chicken is not critical. 2. Through the first few days it is best to wake the puppy each 4 hours to offer food, water and a chance for elimination. If your puppy did not eat willingly throughout the day it is important to offer food 2-3 times overnight. Once the transition is over (usually 3-7 days) waking during the night is not necessary. " 3. Wait at least 15 minutes before giving in. 4. Watch the "homecoming" "hypoglycemia" and "potty training" videos