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Recurring Anal Gland Problems

September 9, 2015, 8:08 AM
Q: Rosie 2 year female Frenchie (the one with the nose/palate issues for which we spoke at length) is having persistent anal gland staining, scooting and odor. I express about 2 cc of purulent fluid every week or so. A vet suggested the glands could be removed. Is that a difficult surgery, complications etc? Thank you
A: It is true that the anal glands can be removed but it is not a simple surgery and post surgical problems are more frequent than many surgeries. Laser techniques have made the surgery more manageable but because we a re working so close to the anus the potential for problems is still significant. One thing you can try is adding fiber to your dogs diet to increase the "bulk" of her stool. Small amounts of anal gland material are supposed to be expelled with each bowel movement. Try adding a heaping tablespoon of bran flake cereal to each meal for a couple weeks and if it helps keep it up.