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August 11, 2014, 9:13 PM
Q: we have a 4 month old yorkie terrier female. For a week now she has been sneezing and clearing her nose. Yesterday morning she vomited up a yellow discharge about the size of a quarter. This evening she had diarrhea. Overall she has had less energy than normal though she still has spurts of stored energy. Her eating has been normal.
A: At least the sneezing and hackin up discharge may be due to environmental conditions (pollen, etc) The diarrhea may be a separtate problem andwe will address that first. You can give about 0.5 cc pepto bismol or kso pectate now and repeat again in 4-6 hours to try to control the diarrhea. Once we have that problem solved we can address the sneezing, Since her appetite is good this would seem to a problem you can try to handle at home.