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Concerned about Vomiting

February 4, 2014, 11:05 PM
Q: I have a 13 week old Cavachon that weighs 8 lbs. He vomited a small amount of food after a short car ride. Today is now Tuesday and he has vomited twice. Once this morning after he ate and once this evening after he ate. The vomit is brown in color and contains his dry food. He isn't sluggish, weak, or lethargic and his stool appears to be fine. He is his normal playful self, but he has now vomited three times in the last five days. Is this cause for concern and should I take him to the vet? Also should I feed him something other than this Royal Canine food until his stomach settles?
A: It is good that he feels okay otherwise. If the vomiting is just do to a simple cause like excess acid or irritation then giving 1cc perpto bismol or kao pectate to coat the lining of his stomach may solve the problem. You can repeat that 3 times daily. Feeding small frequenst meals of something bland like boiled chicken and rice or scrambled egg is a glood idea also. If the vomiting continues then let me or your vet know. Just a note one of the times that we can see repetiative vominting in a puppy that feels good is when there is a foreign object in the stomach. Please keep me informed.