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Respiratory Infection

January 27, 2014, 11:08 PM
Q: I just took cocoa ( 10 week old teddy bear purchased on 1/20/14) to her 1st vet visit on Friday. while there it was discovered that she has an upper respiratory infection. the vet prescribed her some antibiotics and I have been administering as advised however, it seems as if her cough has gotten worse and I am getting very worried. what should I do? let it run its course or re visit the vet?
A: Since I do not know which antibiotic was prescribed I cannot comment directly on that but to me if a given choice of antibiotic does not allow for some improvement after 7 days it could be advisable to change. If your puppy's attitude and appetite are good then she will get well. complete resolution of all symptoms, especially the cough can take a few weeks During the early stages of a respiratory infection I also like using expectorants like guaifenesin to aid in eliminating fluid or debris from the airways. Take a look at the "respiratory infection" set of videos.