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Coughing Puppy

August 26, 2013, 5:50 PM
Q: my puppy started coughing last week we took him to the vet and they said it is a cold and infection... wich is common in puppies. The vet prescribed pill and a syrup of (amoxicillin) he started taking and he start to get better but now again this week began to coughing as before. What can i do to help him? He finished his pills but he is still taking the syrup ... I checked the internet and they recomend to give any Childrens syrup twice a day but i'm not sure what to do. He is eating and playing good. please help
A: From your description he is still on the antibiotic amoxicillin. You need to be sure to continue that for at least 5 days after he seems fine. So far as cough syrups go I prefer to use an expectorant to help the dog cough rather than a suppressant to try to cover the cough. A cough is a natural reflex attempting to free up fluid or debris in the trachea or pharynx. Ask your pharmacist to point you to straight guaifenesin syrup and give 0.2cc per pound of body weight 2-3 times daily by mouth. Take a look at the Respiratory Disease videos for additional information.