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Petite Shih Pom Designer Pup


Toy Shih Pom Puppy near Punta Gorda, FL

WESTON's Details

Age 1 month, 23 days old
Birth Date 2/19/2024
Gender Male
Puppy Weight 1lb 15oz @ 5 weeks (measured at 8 wks)
Est Adult Weight 7-10 lbs
Mom Shih Tzu
7.2 lbs
Dad Pomeranian
6.8 lbs
Shih Pom Breed Info

Shih Pom Breed Info

Shih Poms are a mix of the purebred Pomeranian and the purebred Shih Tzu. They can be hypoallergenic, depending on what side of their family they inherit. They are classified as a toy designer breed and make great pets for small spaces. Shih Poms are very friendly and affectionate pets. They love to play and cuddle up with their humans. These pups make good watchdogs because they bark at strangers or anything suspicious around the house. They are highly intelligent and can be taught to perform tricks with ease.