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Cute Portuguese Water Dog Purebred Pup


Portuguese Water Dog Puppy near Ft Lauderdale, FL

Customer: J. R.

MIDNIGHT's Details

Age 2 years, 4 days old
Birth Date 4/10/2022
Gender Female
Puppy Weight 6lb 3oz (measured at 8 wks)
Est Adult Weight 30-45 lbs
Mom Portuguese Water Dog
34.0 lbs
Dad Portuguese Water Dog
43.0 lbs

Portuguese Water Dog Insights

Portuguese Water Dog Breed Info

Portuguese Water Dog Breed Info

Adopt a Portuguese Water Dog puppy at Florida Fur Babies! Smart, loving, and playful, he is easy to train as long as you're willing to give praise for good behavior. He loves children and other animals and makes a great playmate in the park or at home. He enjoys daily exercise such as walks or hikes through the woods or by the beach. If you are looking for an energetic dog who will love swimming in the sea with you or hiking through mountain trails in search of adventure, then this is your dog!