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Cute Pomeranian Baby


Pomeranian Puppy near Orlando, FL

Customer: D. S.

Kai's Details

Age 1 year, 4 months old
Birth Date 7/28/2022
Gender Female
Puppy Weight 1lb 11oz (measured at 8 wks)
Est Adult Weight 7-10 lbs
Mom Pomeranian
8.12 lbs
Dad Pomeranian
7.4 lbs

Customer Feedback

Kai has been a wonderful addition to our family. She loves to play and go on long walks. Easy to take her everywhere. Picky eater but found her raw freeze dried food for the day time and I cook her chicken breast with veggies for dinner. She has learned commands and sits for all her treats. I keep her crated at night still and she is free in the house all day. Love this fur baby😁

Adult Weight 4.0 lbs
Pomeranian Breed Info

Pomeranian Breed Info

Pomeranian puppies are sweet, fun-loving fur babies that thrive in any type of household. They are easygoing, intelligent, friendly, and very responsive to training. These puppies also come with rich, fluffy coats and a cuddly disposition to match. They are toy-sized, happy, and driven towards a life of adventure. Pomeranian puppies are a wonderful fit for single owners, kids, and senior families and, despite their tiny, adorable size, these pups are hardy, active, and independent.