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Smart Maltese Purebred Puppy


Maltese Puppy near Ft Lauderdale, FL

Customer: S. C.

CLARK's Details

Age 1 year, 5 months old
Birth Date 11/12/2022
Gender Male
Puppy Weight 2lb 12oz (measured at 8 wks)
Est Adult Weight 6-9 lbs
Mom Maltese
9.0 lbs
Dad Maltese
5.8 lbs
Maltese Breed Info

Maltese Breed Info

Graceful, elegant, and with an expression that could melt hearts, the Maltese puppy is a true conqueror. Maltese puppies are sweet little angels that love to bring a smile to every face they see. They are excellent at cheering up, entertaining is what they do best, and cute tricks are their biggest ally. Smart, eager to please, and passionate about learning, the Maltese puppies are as easy to train as they are to love. These puppies make quick friends with others and are great at making their family feel cherished.