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Maltese Puppies

Affectionate ~ Gentle ~ Intelligent ~ Loving ~ Playful

Graceful, elegant, and with an expression that could melt hearts, the Maltese puppy is a true conqueror. Maltese puppies are sweet little angels that love to bring a smile to every face they see. They are excellent at cheering up, entertaining is what they do best, and cute tricks are their biggest ally. Smart, eager to please, and passionate about learning, the Maltese puppies are as easy to train as they are to love. These puppies make quick friends with others and are great at making their family feel cherished.

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Affectionate, Gentle, Intelligent, Loving, Playful

Adult Weight 4-7 lbs
Adult Height 9-10 in
Life Expectancy 12-15 yrs
Rating 5.0 ( reviews)
Low High
Easy Hard
Min Max
Easy Hard
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Date: 6/4/2017
Name: Regal
Breed: Maltese
Client: Todd P.
Loc: Fort Mill

Chewie has taken leadership of our family and moved right in, what a great personality! This guy traveled 8 hours with us on the first day and never looked back, he has taken the whole house with love and kisses! Many thanks to Crystal and Joe with the FaceTime and calls! Vey good experience and love our boy!!

Date: 11/23/2016
Name: Sugar
Breed: Maltese
Client: Lou Wasniak
Loc: North Port

I bought Sugar(re-named it to Luna) a adorable dog, i bought it at sunday night, it arived at Wednesday(they said it would arrive 12:00am and it arrived 12:08am) and the puppy was on time! I definitely recommend buying from them, they are amazing! The gentleman who delivered the puppy was also super kind and nice, he explained everything necessary, if there was a rating i would give a 5/5!

Date: 9/18/2016
Name: Paris
Breed: Maltese
Client: Nancie Ward
Loc: Lake Placid

Hi got Lily a couple weeks ago and I couldn't be more pleased. It was love at 1st sight. Lily is sweet and she has a personality that will take your breath away. She is pretty calm for a puppy. So far no chewing or biting. Joe and Crystal are wonderful people and so glad I found Them they checked in a few times to see how Lily was doing & that goes to show you that they are caring people.

Date: 9/16/2019
Name: Aspen
Breed: Maltese
Client: Michael and Kate Polsinelli
Loc: Cape Coral

After losing our Maltese "Hank" that was our best friend for 15 years, it was impossible to even think of trying to replace him. Florida Furbabies made it so easy for us. They were very understanding and so helpful in so many ways. There are breeders much closer than a 45-minute drive but we are so thankful we chose them! Our new baby Dexter was so happy from the day we met that you can tell immediately that he was treated right from birth. Dexter fit into our family instantly and flawlessly! He loves being out on the boat and just celebrated his 6 month birthday! He is so spoiled already but he pays us back every minute of the day with laughs and so much love! Thank You So Much Crystal and Joe and Florida Furbabies!!

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