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French Bulldog Breed Information

chocolate french bulldog on rocky surface

French Bulldogs are sweet little fur-babies that delight with their extravagant looks and excellent personalities. If you’re looking for a puppy to entertain you with the cutest stunts you’ve ever seen, the French Bulldogs are the puppies for you. French Bulldog puppies are natural-born comedians who love to entertain and impress. They have a gift for tricks and are remarkable at spreading joy. These gorgeous puppies train easily, love big, and are effortless to care for. They love cuddles and games, and are perfect for families with children.

BREED TYPE / MIX Purebred ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Average TRAINING Challenge TEMPERAMENT Affectionate, Independent, Funny, Playful ADULT WEIGHT 22-28 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 11-13 in LIFE SPAN 9-11 yrs


  • Other names the French Bulldog goes by are Bouledogue Francais and Frenchie 
  • French Bulldogs are believed to be the smaller version of the English Bulldog 
  • A common misconception about French Bulldogs is that they are originally from France. These superb dogs originated in Nottingham England at the beginning of the 19th century 
  • As of 2020, the French Bulldogs hold second place as the most popular dog breed in France, England, and the United States 
  • French Bulldogs are quick to adapt to both active and laid-back lifestyles 
  • As big fans of treats and praise, French Bulldog puppies train easily 
  • French Bulldogs are a low-maintenance breed when it comes to grooming and exercise 
  • Their gentle nature is renowned as is their fun personality. The wonderful French Bulldog puppies make excellent family pets and amazing companions for a wide variety of owners 
brindle frenchie giving high five


French Bulldogs are an easy breed to recognize given their large bat-like ears and adorable expression. They are one of the most fashionable dogs of our time, being especially popular in the fashion capitals of the world. These beautiful dogs have a striking appearance that displays a joyful demeanor. Their step is smooth and their expression kind.

French Bulldogs are a small dog breed that, depending on the size of their parents, can average in height from 11 to 13 inches. Although the French Bulldog size can only vary a bit in height, their weight can vary quite a lot depending on individual diets, as these dogs are often prone to excessive weight gain. The average and common weight of a full-grown French Bulldog adult is between 22 and 28 pounds.

These extraordinarily gorgeous French Bulldog dogs have a muscular-built body, large upright ears that are rounded at the tip, a flat face with a broad muzzle, and dark-colored eyes that are round and wide apart. Their hair is short, straight, and smooth with the common French Bulldog colors being white, black, French Bulldog gray, brindle, fawn, and cream.  


Sweet, calm, and immensely fond of attention, the French Bulldogs make fantastic pets for any dog lover. These small dogs have a gentle behavior and a cuddly, dote-on-me disposition, which is why they are extremely popular with families. Small children and even teenagers have a friend and a fun entertainer in the French Bulldog.

As their nature is truly affectionate, these dogs don’t have an aggressive bone in their cute bodies. They don’t growl and they are not particularly vocal, except for when they need to alert to something. Given that they’ve been in the spotlight for over 200 years, constantly being admired and surrounded by both people and fame, French Bulldogs still hold onto their need for pampering and companionship. They don’t enjoy being on their own and prefer an ever-present owner.  

Although they would rather relax than go on long hikes, French Bulldogs are known to enjoy meeting their four-legged friends at dog parks and indulge in a friendly chase or two. Some of their more favorite activities include cuddling, lazing on the couch, zooming across rooms, and performing cute stunts. Grooming and belly rubs are also high on their list of favorite activities.  


French Bulldog Grooming

French Bulldogs have a beautiful short coat that sheds very little and is usually quite easy to manage. To maintain their coats shiny and in their best shape, it is recommended to brush them once a week and bathe them every few months. Their adorable faces should be cleaned thoroughly as their skin folds can deposit dirt and dust and cause rashes. Because they might not be on the move enough to trim their nails down naturally, you may need to clip them if they appear too long. French Bulldogs can also be prone to dental issues and need to have their teeth brushed often.  

French Bulldog Exercise Needs

French Bulldogs are generally a relaxed dog breed with little exercise needs. They much prefer to hang out with their humans at home rather than go out on hikes or jogs. They are known to enjoy the occasional adventure at the dog park and long evening walks, but they are not fond of intense exercise routines. The proper amount of exercise for a French Bulldog should include one or two daily walks and a few games of fetch at home.  

French Bulldog Health

Although they are not usually prone to serious illnesses, the French Bulldogs can suffer from certain health issues that are common in the breed. Common French Bulldog health issues that some dogs may develop include eye problems, dental issues, heart disease, bone and joint conditions, allergies, and weight-related problems.

Because they have flattened faces and short snouts, Frenchies can also suffer from breathing difficulties. They can overheat due to their lack of ability to regulate their temperature through breathing, so it is recommended to keep them in the shade during hot summer weather and to avoid over-exercising.  

French Bulldog Lifespan

The French Bulldog's life expectancy is on average from ten to fourteen years. Dogs that are raised in a loving environment and provided with care, good-quality food, and moderate exercise can live longer and healthier lives.  

French Bulldog Training

French Bulldog puppies are an easy breed to train once their attention is captured and they are properly motivated. These happy puppies want to impress and please their owners by any means and training provides the best opportunity for them to do that. French Bulldog puppies are smart and eager to learn but they can become stubborn or unruly if their trainer shows a lack of patience. Because small puppies in general don’t have the longest attention span, they can also lose focus easily.

To get the best results when training French Bulldog puppies, it’s important to keep lessons short and to use their favorite rewards. Your puppy might have a favorite chew toy or a treat they prefer. Identifying what those are and using them as rewards during training will show great results. A gentle approach, a calm tone of voice, and praising are also methods that French Bulldog puppies respond well to.  

French Bulldogs sometimes get overly attached to their humans which leads some of them to experience separation anxiety when they find themselves alone at home. To keep your adult French Bulldog from suffering from anxiety when you’re away from home, it’s important to take on separation training early and teach your puppy how to be independent.

To do this, the first step is to pick out some toys and treats that your puppy loves, and only bring them out during the moments when your puppy is alone. The second step is to leave the room for a minute or two, and gradually add more minutes to the time you are out of your puppy’s sight as he or she becomes comfortable with you not being there. Once your puppy is ok with you out of their sight, you can step out of the house and repeat the same process until you reach the amount of time you will need to leave your puppy alone.

It's important to keep in mind that if your puppy is comfortable with being alone for 10 minutes and you leave it alone for 2 hours, you are most likely going to undo the process for which you worked tirelessly to achieve. As a rule, don’t leave your puppy alone for more than he or she is comfortable with.  


The charming French Bulldog breed is believed to be a descendant of the English Bulldog. Although their name might point to France as their place of origin, French Bulldogs are recognized as a dog breed that comes from England and was defined and named in France.

A small version of English Bulldogs, with slightly different features, first appeared in the Industrial region of Nottingham England. The Toy Bulldogs were the companion pets of lace-making workers and miners in Nottingham, whom they would accompany to work and act as ratters in the mines and factories of the area.

When jobs started to be replaced by industrial machines, the lace-making workers saw no choice but to emigrate to Normandy France in hopes of finding work. As their Toy Bulldogs were both their pets and their utility dogs, they brought them along on their journeys. Once the small Bulldogs reached their new homes, they became the center of admiration.

The small dogs were so popular with the French people that, in a short time, they became the country’s favorite pets. From France, the now-renamed bulldogs made their way to the United States where they were met yet again with fame. The French Bulldogs received their official recognition as a distinct dog breed within the American Kennel Club’s Non-Sporting Group in 1898. Today, the cute French Bulldog puppies are classified as the 4th most popular breed in the United States and the 2nd most popular in Europe.