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Cockapoo Breed Information

hypoallergenic Cockapoo puppy

Cockapoo puppies are the embodiment of friendship, joy, and love. What you’ll be getting with your Cockapoo is everything good that dogs have to offer. Cockapoo puppies are remarkably intelligent and easy to train. They pick up on tricks faster than you can teach them and they love learning stunts and games they can impress you with. Along with their brilliant minds, these cute Cockapoos come with a winning personality. They are incredibly friendly with everyone and their loyalty is immeasurable. Cockapoo puppies are an amazing doodle breed that is a crossbreed of a Cocker Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle.

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Cocker Spaniel ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Determined TEMPERAMENT Outgoing, Intelligent, Friendly, Loving, Active ADULT WEIGHT 12-25 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 10-15 in LIFE SPAN 13-16 yrs


  • Cockapoo puppies are the offspring of a Poodle crossed with a Cocker Spaniel 
  • Also known as Cockerpoo, Cockapoodle, and Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix, Cockapoos are the first doodle dogs to have been intentionally bred by crossing two purebred dog breeds 
  • Hypoallergenic Cockapoo qualities make these dogs an excellent fit for owners who suffer from dog-related allergies 
  • Cockapoo puppies are among the most popular doodle dogs in the world 
  • Highly social, outgoing, and eager to make friends, the Cockapoo is a perfect companion for those who love to travel and go on adventures 
  • The Cockapoo dog loves its family more than anything else 
  • Cockapoos are docile, calm, and well-behaved dogs that fit well with families that have small children as well as with seniors and active folks 
  • Because their coats are thick and rich, Cockapoo dogs don’t mind hot or cold climates as they are just as comfortable in both 
  • Cockapoos and Cockapoo puppies impress with keen intelligence and eagerness to learn and please 
  • Although they are a more active breed, Cockapoos can easily adapt to a relaxed environment 
Fluffy Cockapoo dog


Cockapoos are beautiful dogs in every way. They might impress you with their gorgeous round eyes or cute floppy ears, but their most adorable feature remains their happy expression. These fancy little dogs take after both of their parents, resembling them in both build and demeanor. Cockapoos are sturdy-built, athletic, and despite their adorable looks, quite strong. Because they are a mix of two very different-looking dog breeds, they may sport certain features from either parent more than the other. Their coats can be straight, wavy, or curly, long or of a medium length. The Cockapoo height can range from 10 to 15 inches for a Cockapoo adult. A full-grown Cockapoo should also weigh between 12 and 25 pounds depending on which of its parents it takes after more. These fashionable little dogs can also have patterns and markings that resemble that of their parents or sport a combination of colors uniquely defined by them. Common Cockapoo colors include cream, beige, tan, black, white, brown, red, sable, and merle.  


Cockapoos are family-oriented dogs that love to be around their people as much as possible. Although this sometimes translates to a strong dislike of being alone, Cockapoos are also very easily trainable which means that they can be taught to be independent. Their temperament is usually even and calm. They don’t have behavioral issues and are quite composed during stressful situations. They don’t bite, growl, or get overly vocal like other small dogs, and they are very welcoming towards strangers and visitors.  
Some of the things Cockapoos absolutely love to do are to play, cuddle, and dote on their humans. These sweet doodle dogs are very affectionate and quite passionate about making friends and loving everyone. They enjoy going to dog parks where their friends are, and they are quite happy to join their family members on hikes, swims, sleigh rides, and trips.  
Cockapoos also have a bit of spunk and a little love for mischief written in their DNA. They have a few funny tricks up their fluffy sleeves that they gladly use to get the attention they crave. Small kids as well as teens are excellent for Cockapoos and vice versa as they keep each other entertained and are never without a partner in mischief. 


Cockapoo Grooming

Cockapoos have very low grooming requirements. Their beautiful, luxurious coats require one or two weekly brushings to remain smooth and shiny. Because they shed very little, it’s important to brush out your Cockapoo’s hair weekly to keep it from getting matted or tangled. They also require a bath every few months, or sooner if they look like they need it. It is recommended to clean their ears and brush their teeth regularly to avoid infection and bad odor. Some Cockapoos might need their nails trimmed after every bath if they don’t file them down on their own while running.  

Cockapoo Exercise Needs

Although small, Cockapoos love being active. They enjoy going on hiking adventures, running, swimming, playing in the snow, and taking part in all kinds of active games. Because they are more energetic, you can expect to walk your Cockapoo dog at least twice every day. These dogs also love to solve puzzles and play interactive dog games, so it is always beneficial to provide them with activities that will exercise their minds as well as their bodies.  

Cockapoo Health

As hybrid dogs, Cockapoos are blessed with excellent health and low risk for serious disease. Although they can develop certain conditions like cataracts, hip dysplasia, or glaucoma, they are not a sickly breed.  

Cockapoo Lifespan

Cockapoos have a lifespan of 13 to 15 years, with 15 years or more being the most common expectancy. The Cockapoo life expectancy can be increased with proper nutrition, plenty of exercise, and a calm and warm environment.  

Cockapoo Training

Cockapoo puppies are clever-minded and bright, which makes training them a fun and effortless activity. Getting their intelligence from their Cocker spaniel and Poodle parents, the Cockapoo puppies are natural born geniuses. To get the best response from your Cockapoo puppy, it is recommended to use a warm approach and plenty of delicious treats. Training sessions should be kept short and interactive when they are very young, and lengthier as they grow into little adults. Using harsh tones or punishments will not work with Cockapoo puppies as they are more likely to become frustrated when yelled at rather than improve in any way.  
Socializing Cockapoo puppies should come as a natural process to them as they are eager to make new friends among both people and fur babies. It is best to gradually introduce them to new people and distractions indoors before going on walks for the first time.  
Because they love being around their owner more than anything, Cockapoos might suffer from separation anxiety when left alone, so teaching them to be independent is essential during early puppyhood. The best way to teach your Cockapoo puppy to be ok with some alone time is to leave him or her alone for a few minutes at a time, all while exuding a somewhat indifferent attitude. By acting somewhat indifferent, your puppy will most likely follow suit and see your leaving as a non-important process. Once your Cockapoo is no longer reactive to being alone for a few moments, it is best to gradually increase the time frame until you reach the amount of time you will need to leave your puppy alone in the future.  



Because the Cocker spaniel and the Poodle have been so loved over the years and all over the world, they have been selected to create a new breed, the one that we know as the amazing Cockapoo. Cockapoo breeders mixed purebred Cocker spaniel with purebred Miniature Poodles for the first time in 1960 in the United States. As this new breed became more and more widespread, so did its fame. Cockapoo puppies were a hit ever since their very first steps, as they enchanted the world with their unique looks and blended personality. They are considered the crossbreed that paved the way for the creation of numerous doodles and designer dogs. Their immense success as well as their improved health have granted these dogs a place in the hearts of many dog lovers worldwide. Thanks to their Poodle parent, Cockapoos are hypoallergenic, loyal, and as smart as dogs can be. Their Cocker spaniel parents contribute to the Cockapoo mix with their friendliness, affectionate nature, and well-rounded behavior.  
Cockapoo puppies don’t have an extensive history as they have only been around for a few decades. What we do know about them is that they are the offspring of two amazing dog breeds. The Poodle and the Cocker spaniel are both old dog breeds with extensive histories and an ever-rising popularity. Both are versatile, having had hunting jobs, cinematic roles, and gigs in the show business.  
Thanks to the dedication of Cockapoo breeders, these doodle dogs now come in multiple generations. Among these, the most popular are: 

  • The F1 Cockapoo – a first-generation Cockapoo is achieved when a Cocker spaniel is crossed with a Miniature Poodle 
  • The F1b Cockapoo – a second-generation Cockapoo is achieved when a Cockapoo (f1) is back-crossed with a Miniature Poodle 
  • The F2 Cockapoo – a third-generation Cockapoo is achieved when two Cockapoos are crossed