Puppy Referral - Buster (Changed from Clint)

Puppy Name Buster (Changed from Clint)

Breed King Charles Spaniel

Submitted By Autumn and Gary Banks from Tampa, Florida

Date Sunday, October 5, 2014

After 2 cats have run our house hold for the last 5 years my husband and I decided to get our very first dog. We looked for weeks for the perfect breed and check out many places, but each time we went into a store. The puppies seemed sad and not well taken care of...which broke my heart, but concerned me for the health and safety of my cats. My husband found this website with amazing pictures of the puppies. So I decided to call and visit a puppy. Having two boy cats I really wanted a girl dog so I requested to see a cavachon Lizzie. Along with two other dogs. Buster being one described as having an old soul. When we showed up at the lovely home we were greeted with the happy face of Buster. Not my first choice, but wow what an amazing doggie. He totally won our hearts. When she brought out Lizzie I was already totally in love with little Buster. He does have a very playful side, but when he crashes he really crashes. He is definitely a mommy's boy who loves being in my lap, but he likes his playtime with daddy too. As a first time puppy owner the help and guidance we received that day was so much above and beyond the call of duty. It is obvious that Buster had a very loving home before he came to live with us and for that I deeply thank Florida Pups. Since, he has lived with us he has only been spoiled more and more each day.

Buster (Changed from Clint)
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